SketchUp – Sofa Table With Hidden Storage

Just a quick SketchUp session to design a simple sofa table with hidden storage. I also used a layout method to determine if the pieces would fit on the material I had available.

If you would like the SketchUp file I created in this video you can download it by clicking here. It’s in a .zip file for uploading purposes. Just unzip it and you will have the SketchUp file. Click here for the wood textures video.

Have fun!


  1. Very good! I like the hidden storage. I thought about using hinges on the top and making the whole thing storage, but what about the vase and the books and bowls that will inevitably find their way to the top? Your idea is better. Jay, you are a true virtuoso with Sketchup!

  2. VERY NICE! Way too fast for me to follow, but good instruction that can be studied. Thanks. Shows that this tool is absolutely doable…and logical. I’ve played around enough to see the benefits and your video is inspirational to a novice. It reminds me of Norm’s ability to get us out in the shop and working.

  3. Very nice. My first tine on your second page and I love it. I find sketchup to be a pain and you make it very easy. I will lookup more of your sketchup videos and learn how to use it. You were my first subscription on YouTube. I loved how you began and progressed in your skills (bringing me along with you). Keep up the great content.

  4. Jay, another great project with some very helpful tips. Thank you for keeping us in the know…
    BTW, for those of us, who not using the Pro version of Sketchup cannot open it. If it is possible to save it in other than the Pro version, that would be fantastic. If not, no Biggy. Continue doing what you do so well, thank you again…

    • Ahhhh! I knew better than to save it like that. My apologies. I just updated the file as a SketchUp version 8 file. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  5. Jay, very nice, simple design and the end result came out beautiful~! A very nice combination between the spalted maple and the mahogany. I’m definitely one that enjoys your Sketch-Up videos because I always learn something and this one was no exception. That technique for tapering is awesome~! Several fewer steps than the way I’ve been doing it. Keep ’em coming~!

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