Vlog #3: Return of the Half Laps

Show notes


  1. Great job. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into your videos. I can’t wait till you are able to add music in them again. I especially loved the synced music in your router table and lift videos. Had me cracking up. When you did the skip thing kind of like a record skipping.

  2. Looking forward to the BrainPick with you! It’s gonna be fun! FYI, for the bat box.. I made one with my son (it’s on my site if you’re interested) a long time ago and it still doesn’t have any bats in it, but that was expected. I’ve read that it can take up to two years for bats to find it, before they inhabit it.. so I wouldn’t expect the time of year that you put it up to matter very much.

    • Interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long. When I moved in I had a few bats hanging from the soffit behind my garage. I’d like for them to come back any day now!

  3. Good evening Jay, thank you for this new video which I appreciated a lot. Bravo for the respect which you have for your wife by giving her the priority for the installation and the manufacture of new furniture. Music or not, I watch each of your videos, for your personality, your human being’s qualities and your knowledge in the work of the wood. You work cleanly, exactly and for me, you are as my professor. Thank you, take care of you!! Yannick of Thailand

  4. Hey Jay,

    How much space did you leave behind your table saw? Can you rip a full 8 foot board, or do you think that would waste too much space in a new shop (setting mine up now)

    Thanks for the great videos and ideas!!

    • There’s about 8′ 6″ from the front of the blade to the back wall. I have mine so that it won’t be any closer than 8′ from the back wall. I can roll it forward for the odd chance that I might rip something longer than 8′.

  5. Dude;;;;;;;;;; GET A AIR CONDITIONER IN THE GARAGE. Man it is hot there and your sweating pretty good. Thanks for the video Jay.

    • Nah. It’s the south. I’m used to it :) I walk from apartment to apartment carrying tools and supplies at my day job in the heat. After a while it all feels the same.

  6. Looking forward to the bat house. I have a plan I have been meaning to build and this might inspire me to finally build it. BTW – where are you located? You talked about going up to Virginia. I am in Myrtle Beach, SC

  7. Jay,

    I appreciate your comments on the GoPro camera. I had some negative thoughts for you after the shop tour video and now that I hear your comments, I see that my dislikes are avoidable. If you use the narrower shot, it does remove a good chunk of that ‘fishbowl’ feel that others pointed out. You are absolutely correct about the quality. My only other suggestion is to keep up the humor in your videos. You have a dry sense of humor and it’s awesome!!!! Makes me come back for more.

  8. Comfort cooling will do two things for you. It will keep the humidity level down allowing an easier transition from shop to house for the lumber and will also help slow down tool rust. Just a few degree drop will do it, it doesn’t have to be cold as a meat locker in there. Having been an ac service tech for almost 15 years I know exactly what you mean about acclimating to the current temp. I seldom to never ran the cooling in my truck because the constant going in and out could actually make me sick. The music I can do without. I didn’t even realize you weren’t including it until you mentioned it. Most of the time it is nothing but an irritating distraction. I don’t go to project sites like yours to listen to music I’m there for the content. The fewer distractions from the project at hand the better. Keep up the great work.

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