Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #45 – September 13, 2014

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This is super cool. It’s a short film from 2010 where Mike Jarvi creates his signature bench.

Scout Visual

Here’s a short mini-doc about Adventure Indoors Woodworking. I’m really liking these style woodworking videos found on Vimeo.

Jack Houweling

With the “rustic” craze continuing, here’s a method you could use to give a new board some rustic charm. Of course, use a crappy blade to do this!

The Homestead Craftsman

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece! If only I had a kitchen big enough for an island…

Peter Brown

This is something my wife would need. Ice cream never lasts long enough to lock when I’m eating it :)

Frank Howarth

I love Frank’s videos. I’ve had plans to make a short boot box to go next to my door but Frank beat me to it. And most defintely out-did me on my design. Back to the drawing board…

Izzy Swan

I’ve alwyays wanted to use a drill to take apart pallets! Actually, I’ve never even thought of anything remotely similar. How does Izzy think of this stuff?



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