SketchUp: The Best Tool For Mouldings – Making A Window Cornice

This week’s project is a window cornice for my guest bedroom. That particular room only has one window so I chose it to experiment with. I’m not exactly sure if I will like the concept of the end product of what I go with so I don’t want to batch out tons of these for the rest of the house just yet.

SketchUp is hands down the best tool for woodworkers to visualize with. Of course, that’s just my opinion anyway. And to get a better feel for how the completed project will look in relation to the wall it was going on I modeled the wall and window first. You don’t have to go into crazy detail here. The main thing is to get the appropriate sizes modeled for reference.

The construction is simple. Just a dimensional lumber material size, a piece of 11/16″ cove moulding, a lower cap, and of course a common piece of crown moulding. When modeling all of this in SketchUp it’s not 100% necessary to be exact with the joinery. For this project, no exact plan sizes are needed. Just a finished model to grab some dimensions from. And to eliminate the need to cut all of the complicated compound angles in the crown moulding the follow me tool is used.


  1. Great video. I have a couple of questions. Do you use the free SketchUp or the Pro and what is the best way to learn how to use it. I am not the best with a PC and old to boot [74]. Tks Ole

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