Vlog #47: Stay Cool

Video Notes:

  • Sweating feels good :)
  • The modified Harbor Freight clamps are a bit of a pain to use with the Paulk bench. But I’ll probably stick with them for a while.
  • Shapeoko 2 giveaway is over and the winner was announced on the giveaway page. Thank you all for participating.
  • The clamp rack is working out great. It’s very convenient.
  • The next video will be a plywood cart. I actually started and completed it after shooting this vlog yesterday so all I have to do is edit the video and write an article. Hopefully I can get that out on Thursday or Friday.
  • A TON of new stickers! You all rock!
  • Check out the following YouTube channels: Sterling Davis, Rich Mcnatt, Andy Glass, Chris Cute



  1. Being down in Biloxi, I know what you’re talking about when it comes to that humidity. Last week while sanding, when I stepped away from the bench, there was a puddle where I had been standing as the sweat was dripping off the shorts. Not a dry spot on me. And you’re right, once you get the sweat going it’s not that bad.

  2. Jay you were talking about opening your clamps so you could doubling the space, why don’t you widen the slot to what ever the clamp bar is and side them in side ways. I think you would be able to get 5 or 6 per slot then. JUSTSAYING!

  3. Hey Jay just one day in Arizona is nothing at all. Trust me as dry as it is here is a pain in the butt. Keep up the great work.

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