Vlog #55: Some Upcoming Projects And The Sticker Cabinet Is FULL

Video Notes:

  • Working with walnut and sapele was a real treat. Might make a couple small projects out of what I have left
  • Upcoming projects on my radar in no particular order:
    • salt and pepper shakers
    • long narrow table to go against a wall
    • dining table with benches, no chairs
    • remake of my old horseshoe themed trash can
    • I’d like to make the newer ibuildit.ca box joint jig
  • People at WIA unanimously wanted more sketchup videos. I’ve got one planned for as soon as I get over this darn cold.
  • In case you missed it; Here’s my thoughts on the X-Carve CNC machine.
  • The community sticker cabinet is FULL. Thank you to all of those who participated. It’s a great collage to have in the shop :)
  • 65 days till Star Wars VII: http://www.howmanydaysuntilstarwars.com/



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