Vlog #58: Original Ideas Aren’t Always Original

Video Notes:

  • Sometimes original ideas aren’t original. I thought of the jointing wider stock than your jointer idea only to find out that lots of others have thought of the same thing previously. Oh well. At least I know the concept was introduced to more people who weren’t familiar with it. That’s really all that matters.
  • SketchUp is free. Google “SketchUp” for the latest free version. Download links for the older free version 8 that I use can be found HERE.
  • I’m building a router jig today…for sure.
  • As requested numerous times I will be making a series of videos on all of my tools to hopefully answer a lot of repeat questions.
  • 44 days until Star Wars VII.

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  1. At least you didn’t take what you thought was an original idea and waste money trying to patent it. That is a real kick in the teeth. Don’t ask me how I know that :)

  2. refreshers of ideas are always good too! Not to mention sometimes your idea while not original maybe slightly different than what has previously been published. Have to agree with Briangrella cause that would really bite.

  3. Two things here Jay. 1: you told everyone yourself. 2: I thought it was brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. I will be using this method in my shop. Keep up the good works buddy!

  4. Jay I think it’s a really original idea. I was look on my jointer to know how I can adapt it. Don’t think it’s “not original idea”. Thanks for all what you do.

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