SketchUp: Coat Rack

This week I’m making a coat rack. Nothing too complicated. Super simple and will be well used. Here are a few of the shortcuts I frequently use:

  • Ctrl = adds a copy command to the move and rotate commands
  • Q = rotate
  • R = rectangle
  • T = tape measure
  • D = dimension (this is a custom keyboard shortcut I set and is not included by default)
  • M = move
  • Space Bar = selection command
  • Triple Click = when triple clicking a piece of model space geometry it selects everything in model space that is connected to that item
  • Double Click On Component = enters component edit mode
  • G = Turns selected model space geometry into a component
    • H = Hide
    • U = Unhide all
    • D = Dimension



  1. I don’t know if it is the same back in version 8 but you should be able to right click the dimension and change the position of the numbers. Outside Start, Center, Outside End.

  2. …and on a MAC, the Alt/option key adds the Copy to the move and rotate commands. One more that I use a bunch is the O for orbit. Then with the Orbit tool active, hold Shift to Pan the view.

    Great tips as always Jay!

  3. Jay at the top where you typed in some info there is a (custom short cuts) list is that something you made.?
    Also have you ever done a video in sketchup showing how to use it so that there were pauses so people could follow along with you on another screen to get the jist on how the program works

  4. One other question I want to make an stand for a monitor for my wife. Is is going to set next our couch. I want it to be adjustable in height, I want the shelf part to slide up and down on a sliding dovetail joint. I will route a out a hole in the up right piece that will except a threaded rod and plastic knob to hold the shelf in place.
    What I need to know is how to make the dove tail joints on thick 1 1/4″ wood that is 4″ wide
    Have you ever done this.

  5. Jay would like to get a plan for your sketch up coat rack but my iPad will not support link from article. Do you have alternate method to get just paper copy of your plan? An easy plan download similar to think woodworks by Izzy Swan would be great.

  6. Jay, I am just a simple guy, so I’ve always done graph paper. However, I have often wondered if the cost of a program like this is cost effective for a small time woodworker like myself. What are your thoughts.

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