Tool Talk #11 My Hand Tools and Hand Tool Tote

Tools in the video:


  1. PET PEEVE: Woodworkers who need plans for everything. If you are a woodworker, you should be able to do some stuff with just your mind. I suppose if you are just starting out, some guidance on how to build a box may be helpful. Maybe someone was just looking for how big you made yours?

  2. Nice review Jay! I have some harbor freight ones that work decent, of course I don’t use them as much as you may. People don’t really understand your making projects to cater yourself and along the way you share what you have done. Either way plans or just video if you pay attention you can still learn something and I always get that from you.

  3. As mosquitos here in Florida love me , I have a mini bug zapper on a timer, in my garage that seems to do the trick!

  4. I have a set of ACE hardware brand chisels I got as a gift that look like they came out of the same factory (identical handle, but yellow) so if anyone doesn’t have a Lowe’s nearby and is interested in this set, that may be an option.

    Surprised to hear about the teeth breaking on your Dozuki Saw. I have the same exact model from Amazon, and it’s performed great so far, though I haven’t really tested it’s capabilities yet.

    For brass handles and other hardware, I’ve had some fun heating the hardware over a torch first, to give it some interesting color variations. Might be something to try on a future project.

  5. The begining of a 21st Century – Studley tool chest. I really like those Dovetail magnets and you demonstrated how easy handcut dovetails can be made. I have “no see em”‘s in AZ. similar to a mosquito pest. What I find is that if I use a fan in the shop; they seem to vanish. Hey you swating bugs on film adds to the “real life wood worker” except we can cuss at them.

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