Vlog #72: Hickory Wood Is Tough Stuff

Video Notes:

  • Hickory is tough stuff. Kinda resemblesĀ using a plastic snow shovel to plane a concrete driveway. Tear out is brutal.
  • What dining table design did you like the most? Leave me a comment below.
  • I love my truck. 98 S10, 2.2L, manual transmission. #nopayments
  • I might make a mallet or two this week.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I write notes on a vlog video. There really isn’t a point in writing this stuff, right? Oooo, look. A Squirrel.
  • Have a good day folks.



  1. I am in the same boat with dining table.Mine is going to be 8-9′ – large family – I like your third choice,which would work out better for chair placement when we have 10 – 11 people.The mission looks like it would restrict seating at the end.Looks really classy though.PS finally got to make your “boot jack” for a friend.Best and easiest design

  2. You didn’t see it cuz you were facing the camera, but when you knocked the hickory plank to the floor it smashed two mosquitos that were mating, possibly stopping the spread of the Zika Virus in Mississippi. Good job!

  3. Truss table is my favorite. Classy, rusty, versatile. I, too, would like to see video on your mallet production! :)

  4. My favorite builds are tables of one sort or another. I guess benches are small tables after all and I like them too. I like trestle type tables best. Why do I like what I like…darn if I know but I think they are fun, generally aren’t too complicated (they can be though) and I just like the look of them. Whatever you decide, I will get a kick out of watching.

    Totally off subject…ever thought of collecting the various tool sounds from your videos (normal and fast forwarded) and making a short musical sound track piece? I think that would be cool. Tough to do but cool.

  5. My vote would be the last design of the trestle table. The bread board ends just really finish it off nicely. The table build just might be a good excuse to go ahead and get that Fesstool Domino… just an idea there for ya… trying to help you out, here… Hickory would be a good choice for some mallets. I look forward to a mallet build video.

  6. Hey Jay! I think what would be nice is you adding dovetails to the end of your table, the style were you had the bread board ends if I’m saying it right. It would definitely compliment the table and show off your practice makes perfect.

  7. Jay, Yeah, hickory is tough stuff, but the figuring in the wood makes it really beautiful stuff, especially with just a clear finish on it. Regarding tear out, once I had that, I decreased the planing depth to just barely take anything off, probably about 1/32 at a time, maybe even less. Took longer to plane, but the results were absolutely gorgeous. And I didn’t mind the extra time since my favorite part of woodworking is making wood shavings and sawdust.

  8. Have you thought about a Coopered Table like the table Tommy Mac made? That would leave room at the ends for your legs. Love your work Jay. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a stupid video, glad I didnt watch it all. Yes I know hickory is hard, I got 1000 board feet in stock. Get to the point sir in your video’s. GB

  10. I like the mission table design, it just seems a bit more straight-forward, I like that. Also, my wife and I only buy vehicles that we can pay for all at once. That way we never have a monthly payment to make. Sure it means we never drive brand new vehicles, but who really wants to devalue their vehicle by thousands just by driving it off the lot?

    Keep up the content, God bless.

  11. I know the table is for your house, but I love the look of the trestle style table with the breadboard ends and threw tenon stretcher, but it’s also selfish cause I want to see you do some of those techniques so I can learn. #youshould

  12. Make yourself a bat house and hang it outside in March and then you may get a colony of bats that eat 2000 mosquitoes an hour per bat. 15 bats lots of mosquitoes gone.

  13. Jay, where is the video of the dust filter? I tried searching youtube, google… and can’t seem to dig it up.

    I made myself one using a 3 speed, double squirrel cage fan from an industrial range hood (the thing was nasty greasy to clean up) that hung in a box in my shop for years but just 2 days ago the motor seized up and I don’t believe will be reparable, so I’ve been debating what I’m going to do to replace it.

  14. Hi Jay, first, I really like the trestle design for the table! Second, you state that the Hickory is really tough. I wonder if there is a difference in Southern American Hickory as opposed to the the Hickory I use here in Southern Ontario. I absolutely love working with Hickory especially in end grain cutting boards I make. Mind you I haven’t used Hickory for furniture yet but I plan on doing a craftsman style clock in the near future. I will admit the Hickory can be tough on blades but I take lighter passes and the results are stunning!

    Looking forward to the table construction.


  15. I like the trestle style with through tenons. If you go with the mission style make sure the legs are not too close to the ends. You want to be ablebto seat people at the ends without their knees hitting the table legs. Great video as always!

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