How To Make A Bar Stool or a Shop Stool

This project started out as……well nothing. It wasn’t planned. While hanging out at Shawn Stone’s shop with a few friends I happened to have my camera with me so we decided to knock out a quick video project. The project ended up being a bar stool. Well, Shawn will use it in his shop so that technically means it is a shop stool. Same thing really. With a little more attention to materials and maybe adding an upholstered seat you could use this design to make a nice bar stool or even a set of them on a weekend afternoon. I already made this project previously and have a free set of plans for anyone who is interested. There’s no need to make a full build article here as I’ve already done that for the original version. The original article is actually what we used as instructions to make this one. I just loaded it on my phone and off we went building.

The cool thing about making the project at Shawn’s was the fact that all four of us were having a good time and we all had a hand (literally) in making it. We used scrap wood and recycled screws for the build so the materials cost was zero dollars. It’s also a refreshing reminder to just get out to the shop and make something useful. Share your work space with others when possible, laugh whenever possible, and possibly teach something new to someone along the way.

The following cool dudes were involved in the making of this video and project. Be sure to click their links and show them some love ;)

Shawn Stone:

Matt Lane:

Jason Barlow:



  1. Jay – thanks for sharing the other sites as well. I have enjoyed viewing and seeing what you have done in the past year or so. I have also enjoyed the other sites you have passed along too. Good to know you are passionate about the art of woodworking and kudos for sharing.

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