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  1. mike

    Hey Jay. Just heard you comment on going to Jackson to pick up some hickory. I live in Southern Easterly Missouri, and am originally born and raised near where your wife is from. What I wanted to tell you, is I went and bought one of those storage barn sheds, 10 x 12 to be exact, had it built on site here at home with about 2 foot gap between it and garage. I put my dust collector in far back corner, closest to garage, with a feeder tube from it into garage. On the left, as you go into my shed, I built 2 lumber storage racks, out of 2 x 4 with through steel tubing conduit. I now purchase wood of any and all species, except for pine, and keep it in this shed on these racks. I try to keep at least 50 board feet on hand always. I buy this from local people with portable sawmills, a lot of times for pennies on the dollar. Most recently, 125 bf walnut, for $25.00. I keep a humidefier, and a dehumidefier in thier as well, to adjust humidity as needed to dry the lumber. I use a 2 pin moisture meter, and walnut wat dry enough to use in just over 60 days. I still used some of the other lumber and stay busy, but have a walnut job comjng up. This is by far, the greatedt way I have found to cut costs in mt shop.
    Mike Watson Designed in Pine and local hardwoods.

  2. Wm. Brown

    FYI April – If you want a real fine screening for your sand molding try to find a store that sells prospecting supplies. They’ll have screening pans there that get down to hundreds of an inch.

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