Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #172 – April 15, 2017

Every week I like to share a few things I find interesting. Mostly video content with an occasional website article. All of the content you will find in these posts is free to you. Remember that liking, subscribing, or sharing free content goes a long way in helping produce more free content. If you like that creator’s work, share it! Also, thank you to those who send me links through the week when you find something really interesting.

DN Handcrafted

Doug makes a really nice banker’s station for Monopoly. Doug’s channel is off to a great start.
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Mark Susak

A space saving solution for material support. Simply drop a sheet of plywood or a door on top.
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BearKat Wood

I’m a huge fan of Brian’s work. And this chair is an example of why.
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Hand Tool Rescue

This is pretty interesting. I’ve never seen a gas powered circular saw before.
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Wesley Inglis

A very unique and beautiful clock.
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Jeremy Schmidt

Jeremy did a great job in both building his belt grinder as well as documenting it.
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This might get some gears turning in your head…
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I stumbled upon this blog this week. Good stuff. Here he makes a candlestick telephone. (click the image)

John Heisz

This is a great recycle project for old planer knives.
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  1. I really like to see the young make thinking , I’d like to buy one of his belt sanders . Also I like the scraper video from old planner blades .

    The gas powder circular saw video would not play I could hear the sound but no picture.

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