I Get Email #04: Safety Gear

Always shop around for the best prices. Don’t use these links for the sole purpose of showing support. Only buy something if you actually need it. Items in the video:


  1. OSHA approved standard for safety glasses is Z87. All safety glasses with a Z87 on them will protect your eyes the same. If you need “cheater” glasses, there are safety glasses available with a bifocal diopter. For hearing protection, OSHA standard is 85dB and above requires hearing protection. Hearing protection is rated in NR, which is noise reduction in dB. When choosing hearing protection, look at the NR rating, the higher, the better. The typical foam in-ear style is between 22-25NR. Typical over ear (ear-muff) style can range to 33NR. Some is good, more is better.

    I work in heavy construction, so safety is a big part of my life.

    • disposable ear plugs are up in the 30s too. I was young and dumb, now have a 35db hearing loss, tinnitus, and recruitement (reduced tolerance to loud noises), no more rock bands for me!

  2. In regard to hearing protection I think that listening to music or having your phone ring in your ear while working with wood tools is a bad idea. It could startle you and that could all be bad. Just my opinion

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