I Get Email #11: Router Bits

Use the code JAYBATES to save 10% on your purchase from Bits & Bits.

My personal favorite bits:
– 1/8″ roundover https://bitsbits.com/product/2005c/
– 7/8″ compression flush trim https://bitsbits.com/product/udc9112-ultimate/
– 1/4″ compression flush trim https://bitsbits.com/product/cm250ft-flush-trim/
– 1/4″ down cut spiral https://bitsbits.com/product/425-dnc250-down-cut/
– 1/4″ short compression end mill https://bitsbits.com/product/425-cm250-sf/
– 1/2″ spiral up cut https://bitsbits.com/product/540-srf500-up-cut/
– 90 degree V bit https://bitsbits.com/product/whiteside-1508/

link to precision collets: https://www.precisebits.com/gateways/ColletsNutsHome.htm


  1. Have you ever come across a good router id chart, router picture and profile it cuts picture?
    Yah for video responses videos!

  2. Thanks, this helps a lot. I have found it’s not easy to go onto bitsbits site and find what I thought I wanted because there were so many options.

  3. Great info, Jay~! Thank you for the Bits&Bits coupon code. I too am a Whiteside fan and have put a sizable dent in my wallet buying bits, but your coupon code definitely lessened the blow, especially when buying the ultimate flush-trim bit. “You paid how much for that??”, the wife asked. :-)
    This from the same woman that insisted that I upgrade to a SawStop. lol
    Love your work, brother~! Thanks for everything that you do for this community~!!

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