Vlog #127: Types of mallets, Shellac, Coffee Table, Merry Christmas

Video notes:

  • Good feedback on the “talking hand” mallet video.
  • Good feedback on the dart board cabinet video.
  • What shellac was used? Garnet shellac: http://amzn.to/2CEDCE2
  • Standard size of mallets? No such thing. Make a bunch and have fun.
  • City Hardwoods Meetup December 9th was so much fun! See you at the next one :)
  • Coffee table. Krenov or trestle? Not sure just yet.
  • My own line of leather shop apron? What are your thoughts.
  • Holiday traveling so lapse in content maybe?
  • #4 hand plane vs #5 hand plane as a daily driver. Which do you prefer?
  • Thank you to Jock Busuttil (pronounced bou-sou-till) for helping me out last week. check out his stuff:
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Enjoy The next couple weeks and be safe!


  1. To comment on the planes, I have both and I prefer the #5 over the #4. I find that I have more control with the #5. There both Stanley Bailey. I also have the #6 and #7 that I also use guit a bit. That’s my two cents worth.

  2. On the planes, a 4 is by definition a smoother. A 5 is a fore or jack plane, long enough to joint passably and short enough to be set thin for smoothing. It is generally viewed as the most versatile single Stanley bench plane if you have but one. See Chris Schwarz’ writings and various other sources. Still, Paul Seller persuasively argues for using the 4 for about everything. Thus, while conventional wisdom indicates choosing the 5 for your single bench plane, either will serve. Use what you have.

  3. comment on the apron. could you make one for left handed people? Most off-the-shelf aprons have the loops for a tape or pockets on the wrong side.

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