Easy Saw Blade Cleaning

Video Notes:

  • I’ve got a helping hand for the next few days in the shop.
  • Sofa table SketchUp video as well as build video probably this week.
  • CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner: https://amzn.to/2lPHyeN
  • Let me know how you like these hand held videos vs tripod videos.


  1. Have you ever tried Simple Green to clean your blades? I find that it works quite well. It might even be less expensive than the CMT cleaner, I don’t know.

    • It works OK but I found the CMT to be more effective at breaking down the grime. I’d prefer the CMT for the rust prevention as well.

  2. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the video. Coming to you all the way from Ireland. Just opened my own shop recently (custom wood design) and only today I was looking at my blades and wondering what product I would get to clean them. Recently I just received a flyer from a tool supply company not too far from me (hundred miles or so) and as I was watching your video my hand was leaning on it. When you mentioned the cleaning fluid product from CMT I lifted my hand and sure enough, the tool supply company supply CMT orange tools. I know what I’m going to be ordering of them tomorrow.
    Thanks a million again.
    As they say here in Ireland,
    slan go foill…

  3. I use Simple green for my bandsaw blades. I cut a ton of greenwood bowl blanks, lots of very resinous species and the Simple Green kicks butt!

  4. Thanks Jay, I have used concentrated liquid laundry soap in the past with some limited success. I think I will try your CMT cleaner next. Using a brass brush will certainly scrub better but is it safe for the teeth without dulling them?

    • Everything wears/dulls when rubbed together; It’s just a function of the difference in hardness determines which one dulls faster. Let the liquid to its work and use stiff plastic brush. Works for me.

  5. Another great and helpful video Jay. I’ve used the CMT stuff for a while and it does work great. One thing I use is an oil drain pan to hold the Saw blades as I clean them. It makes for easier cleanup (I can also clean my router bits as well) but it does limit my cleaning bandwidth (one saw blade at a time, instead of several like you). Here is a oil drain pan similar to what I have:

    Plews 75-760 Plastic Drain Pan – 6 Quart Capacity https://amzn.to/2z5SmPC

  6. Believe it or not … I clean my blades with an 8″ wire wheel on my bench grinder. Takes about 1 minute to complete and there is no messy liquids to deal with. Been doing this for 30 plus years and never had a problem. Quick, simple and effective.

      • At this time, yes. But, I’ve used non-brass wheels with no problem. I wear gloves to hold the blade and rotate the blade across the wheel with the closed end of the gullet contacting the wheel first. The blade contacts the wheel on the bottom side with the rotation going away from the blade. Once around the blade on each side and it looks like new. Sometimes, I take a small brass brush and have to clean out a gullet or two. The trick is to clean it before it gets bad.

  7. i have that stuff too, it was an additional cheap item i added to my order from woodcraft one time so i could get free shipping and turns out it does work pretty well. I have in the past used a lid from a 5 gal bucket and put the blade in the top of the lid and let it soak in cleaner.

  8. Jay, I agree with both things you’ve said, a seemingly dull blade is likely dirty, and we don’t clean our blades as much as we should. I use Rockler cleaning solution, but an nearly out and will try the CMT next time. Thanks for another great video.

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