My Last Project… (in this shop)

We’re currently moving…literally. I’m writing this from our new home’s kitchen counter looking at a pile of boxes in the middle of our kitchen that need to be unloaded and put away. I also don’t know where my cell phone charger is at and I’m using my phone for a quick wifi hot-spot. So….no article for this one. Too much to do this weekend. Just a video for the last project in the 2 car garage shop. Check it out!

New shop stuff soon! Take care :)


  1. I’m in the same boat! My shop is full of moving boxes. I feel your pain. It’s bitter Sweet.. leaving the house you began everything in… Your business and family, but only good things to come! Can’t wait to see your new place.

    Oh, cutting boards look great! You do love that hickory! (Or by now, maybe you hate it!!)

  2. Same boat here too Jay. Our closing date has bounced all over, but I believe we are set for July 8th. I’m hoping to put up a tour video of this one before moving into the new one. 2 car going to 4 bay with hopes of going wider for the main shop area. Love the cutting boards. I’ve been stockpiling black walnut, hickory, and cherry in hopes of creating some cool 3d boards. Can’t wait to see your new shop.

  3. Hey Jay, it’s so cool going from the Apt. shop at work to this shop and now the next chapter. Can’t wait. Also Happy Fathers Day!!!!

  4. ???? You’ve come a long way from those trailer days! Now I have even worse case of shop-envy, seein’ as how my “shop” is the unused side of my kitchen.

  5. Jay, thanks for your hard work yo have truly inspired an old disabled vet well you and my girlfriend (as my wife would say) April. I have grown through watching you younguns make some great stuff. Good luck with your move and keep up the hard work. You never know whose watching.

  6. Jay, I started watching you back in the Apt. shop and you have gone far with your 2 car garage shop. Now your are getting a 30×40 shop – I am jealous sir – . But you have worked hard for it and I wish you all the best. I know you will put out even better content with the extra space ;-). Hope you have a Great Fathers Day!!!

  7. Now your shop looks like mine. All most as anxious as you are for you to get into the new shop and all the videos you will be cranking out. Mega Congratulations on your first Fathers Day as a Dad, new house and NEW SHOP!!!

  8. You have come a long way since the leaky trailer days Jay.
    Happy fathers day and good luck on moving your garage to the new space.
    Great looking cutting boards keep up the good work.

  9. Love your channel, Jay. PLEASE shoot video of the tear down & move. I would love to see what it takes to move all those machines.

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