Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #252 – August 3, 2019

Matt Estlea

The shooting board is a quintessential tool for planing end grain and squaring the ends of boards. Have you ever noticed when using a traditional shooting board you are only using a small portion of the plane blade? Also, have you noticed that your plane blade dulls faster on that side than the rest of the blade? The answer to this problem is found in Matt Estlea’s recent video demonstrating the process of how he made the “ramped shooting board.”
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Andrew Klein

A little while back I did a video on cleaning your saw blades before sharpening/replacing them. Sometimes the blade isn’t as dull as you think and a good cleaning may be all that’s needed. But you have to take the time to clean the blade. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow come up with an automatic saw blade cleaner machine that could get you back up and running quickly? Andrew Klein answered that question in this recent video.
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The star knob: a great way to get a firm grip on small parts and a nice visual aesthetic on a lot of projects. What do you do when your local big box store doesn’t carry the starknob you need to accentuate your project just right? You make one yourself using a star knob jig like this one from Ohyo56.
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Popsicle sticks are not my “go to” wood for any project that comes to mind. However, with the right application, and a lot of patience, they can become a beautiful work of art, like this piece from FoBIRD.
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Crafted Workshop

So you decided you want to disregard Matt Foley’s advice and ended up living in a van down by the river. You quickly realize that running water is a luxury utility you always took for granted after washing your dishes with bottled water for a little while. How can you make this simple task a reality in your current situation? Check out this video from Crafted Workshop and install a sink in your van tiny home.
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Matt Estlea

If you have ever visited the wood turning section of your local specialty woodworking shop, you’ve probably seen a kit to turn your own salt and pepper shakers. Those kits, however, rarely come with the blanks, and if they do, they are not usually anything as unique as the banksia nut. Check out how Matt turns these interesting nuts into unique salt and pepper shakers and some of the lessons he learns along the way.
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Doug Linker

Have you ever tried whittling or carving? Looking for a simple, fast, and easy project to get you started, or maybe just something new you haven’t carved before? Look no further than this owl carving from Doug Linker. In his video, Doug shows you step by step how to carve this impressive little wooden creature.
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garage 11

The saw horse is a staple tool on almost every job site and in most woodworking shops. But a sawhorse is a sawhorse is a sawhorse right? Not anymore. These multifunctional sawhorses from garage 11 takes this staple tool to a whole new level of possibilities.
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Sek Austria

No bandsaw? No problem… That is, if you have a welder, some metal, a motor, and some old bicycle wheels lying around.
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The Art of Craftsmanship

So the zombie apocalypse is upon us. You have your tools, some osage orange, and it’s coming down to survival of the fittest; or maybe you just like archery and hunting. Whatever the case may be, this longbow from The Art of Craftsmanship is a great project that can get you really in touch with some of your more primal instincts.
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  1. Now, a bicycle wheel bandsaw, would not have thought of that but why not.
    Star knob jigs – we almost need a # for them. Good thinking in each version. Fun as well.
    cheers from downunder.

  2. Blade cleaning. I’ve been using that non-VOC stuff you talked about in your video. Works super easy. Thanks.

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