Vlog #150: Tool Tote, Mortise Master, Larger CNC

Video notes:
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  1. 3970x is a beast. The stats on the 3990x that are coming out show it to be a MONSTER! But the 4k price tag is killer. I’m considering building an AMD rig this year. Thanks for the update. I downloaded Devinci Resolve after you spoke before about it. It replaced PPro for me. Loved the G&G tool totes. Is it the UV in sunlight that causes the change in Maghony and Cherry? Can it be artificially induced? Keep up the good work.

    • The 3970x is nuts. I can’t max it out. Hopefully it stays above my workflow. Yes, UV can be artificially induced to darken the wood. I’m contemplating trying to find someone who would let me use their tanning bed…

    • I had SSD’s in the last computer and even when editing off the NAS I never got close to maxing out the bandwidth. The CPU was definitely the bottleneck. Not anymore!

  2. Jay I can almost guarantee it was spellcheck had the same correction on Greene and Greene. It’s like when I spell my daughter‘a name Kiley it comes out killer, killings, etc.
    Take Care can’t wait to see the new CNC sounds awesome.

  3. Jay, are you going to make a video showing the assembly and setup of the new CNC? Are you keeping the old one? I really like your videos. You’re one of my favorite makers on video. I can’t say YouTube because I watch on your website per your request.

  4. Have you looked at Affinity Photo for photo editing? It is a one-time purchase price and it looks like Adobe. They offer a free trial.

    • Indeed I have. It lacks perspective scaling. A specific feature I use all the time. Contacted support and even started a forum thread. No luck and no plans to add it anytime soon. It is a very specific task though.

  5. Jay,

    Another great video. One thing I love about these is they are more personable than the tutorial ones…it feels more like a conversation and your excitement and passion really comes through, especially when you’re off script. Keep up the great work.

    BTW, loving the red facial hair.

  6. Hi Jay, I’ve just discovered you and absolutely loved your video series on setting up your newest shop. I just moved from Michigan to Texas and am getting ready to build my new 35 x 30 shop. It should be up in about 6 weeks. I down loaded Sketchup 8 (the only free version for Mac) and learned the basics rather quickly since I’m already versed in vector software and Artcam 3D software. My disappointment was in downloading the nice variety of power tools in the 3D Warehouse. I discovered that they will not load into my sketchup program. Apparently the newest files are not compatible with 2008 Sketchup. I was wondering if you have ever considered having the Sketchup file for your shop for sale? It would be very easy to resize the building and move the tools around for efficient production.

  7. Would you ever consider selling the Sketchup file of your shop? Sketchup 8 is the latest version for the Mac but their 3D warehouse items aren’t supported in 8 any more. My new shop will be done in about 6 weeks and I’m ready to start arranging tools.

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