Avid CNC Ep1: The Machine, 4’x10′

This is a series dedicated to my machine setup so I have a place to point people when common questions are asked. Everything with “Avid CNC ep.” in the title will not be project based but rather why and what I’m doing to the machine. Mentioned in the video:

  • AvidCNC: https://bit.ly/33WdXWu
  • Use code JAYBATES15 to save 15% on router bits at Bits&Bits: http://bit.ly/322OOHa
  • Stabila Tech 500 DP: https://www.stabila.com/en/products/details/tech-500-dp-digital-protractor.html


  1. I don’t see a CNC machine in my future, but this series is interesting to me. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  2. Great video and I will be looking forward to the series about this CNC.
    Stay well to your family and you.

    Thank you
    Gregg Vandenberg
    Protect Your Digits Creations

  3. On Avid’s site, I see a 5′ x 10′, and a 4′ x 8′, but not a 4′ x 10′. Did you get a custom package that is not normally offered by them? Why not the 5′ x 10′?

  4. I wondered when this would happen!
    I have the 4X8 version and love it. I have few mods I’ve done to it. Also it is amazing how well dust collection is if you set it up well. I used the AVID spoil table which gives good hold down locations. Keep in mind you can have another spoil board (say 24X36) over the existing one for smaller projects. I generally use Dewalt mini plastic quick clamps to hold work, if a bit hits them they are sacrificial being plastic. Pics below of mine on the CNC Forum.

  5. I now have a CNC machine XL. I hope in time I will be able to work out the code. Lots of luck. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Not into CNC in my shop…
    I followed your video …
    Very thorough on your part!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us !!

  7. I just read your newsletter email and was lead here. I’m looking forward to the video, but I thought you would want to know that your hyperlinks on this page aren’t working. The addresses are good because copying/pasting works.

    I have kept up with your posts for quite some time now. Apologies for my first comment being about tech, but I’m genuinely grateful for all the education. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.


  8. how sturdy is the overall table compared to your axiom machine? i see your helper on top, i mean flex as this is a long platform and flex matters. the rack plates, linear rails help stiffen those 80/20 rails but curious what you find. interesting approach on your spoil board, i have seen others make a permanent base board and then an additional overlay spoil board on top with either t-slots or aluminum channels rails something like your axiom machine. having that quasi double thickness/mass will deaden the table harmonics or are you concerned with the loss of overall Z height loss on the machine. my interest in all of this is to make cabinet parts, bar top arcade cabs, vcarve decorative specialty signs for friends and my own shop, maybe even inlays like you have made in the future learning more. my background is in cnc machining and tool design using pro engineer CAD and master cam CAM software on metal cutting machines in aerospace. running a wood router on something like mach3 with v-carve i see there will be another learning curve. wanting to build my own machine using 80/20 3060 extrusions for the gantry and 3060 for the Y sides of the table. i am concerned about flex and resonance so i am really interested in what you find out. Avid looks to be a nice diy turnkey kit i see on you tube but with a higher price point than i would like to spend. will buy some items from them and piecemeal the rest saving with sweat equity for items i will need in the shop. really looking forward to your videos, setups and how to’s.

    • I have xcarve 1000mm x 1000mm gantry was bowing so bolted the front and back rails together now works great no flex and 100 per cent stable.

  9. I hate to say it dude, but you’re close to needing a bigger shop!

    That Stabila DP looks like exactly what I need to level my wife’s long-arm quilting machine. Every time she want sit moved our basement floor is so uneven I have to re-level the machine … pain in the butt!

  10. That was great, but I was most impressed by your ability to slow your voice down so much, so that once the video was sped up for ease of watching, your normal voice cadence was restored. Outstanding :)

  11. Jay, nice documentary and info.
    I’m looking forward to a series on the CNC.

    Magic City Plywood in Birmingham, AL carries 5×5′ Baltic Birch.
    It’s good quality (not great though) and reasonably priced.
    I have purchased a few sheets from them.

  12. What’s up Jay. I’ve watched most of your videos both from your old shop and the new one, in anticipation of getting my Avid 48×96. Thank you so much for sharing all of the details you do with the world. I, for one, really appreciate it. My machine is up and running, and I’ll be putting in the t-slot rails and dogs you suggested soon. Thanks again.


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