The Ultimate Holiday Gift Buying Guide

This year let’s support small businesses in our own woodworking community. I published a video on YouTube asking for people to submit what they sell and where to buy it. Here is a list, in no particular order, of small businesses or individuals who make stuff to sell and a link to where you can buy from them. I have zero affiliation with this list and have nothing to gain or lose if you do or do not buy from them.

According to a report issued by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2019, small businesses account for 44 percent of economic activity in the United States. Small businesses create two-thirds of new jobs and deliver 43.5 percent of the United States’ gross domestic product (GDP). –


Updated and current as of 1131 central time 12/9/2020.

  1. Robert Dedinsky
    I make mostly hand turned projects like pens, bottle stoppers, salt/pepper grinders, and pen blanks for the pen makers.
  2. Raymond Gipson
    I craft small stands and desk organizers.
  3. Stephan van Lumig
    I create marble tracks that can also be connected to home automation systems.
  4. John Connors
    I make small planters and pencil holders, but I’m looking to add more!
  5. Howard Springsteen
    I make laser cut gifts and small woodworking projects. I don’t have an actual “business” but make things to sell. I sell most of it through a Facebook page.
  6. JMakes
    I’m a Designer/Maker based in Manchester in the UK and have just started producing small batch runs of a few original designs I have come up with, the first of which is a coat rack.
  7. Justin Sparks
    Here’s the link to my wife’s jewelry shop. She makes Steampunk jewelry and jewelry with antique components.
  8. Dogwood Co. Shop
    letter boards / cutting boards / trays
  9. Bill Love
    Pens, Bowls, Stained Glass, Leather
  10. Nick Klenke
    Yard games – Kubb, Yard dice, tumbling blocks

    The coupon code is KWJAYBATES2020 for 10% off through 12/31/2020.  Link to shop including the code is
  11. Rhody Woodworks
    I make turned bowls and cutting boards.
  12. Tim Haddox
    I make personalized end grain cutting boards
  13. Bearded Irishman SoCal Woodworking
    I make cutting boards, chess board sets, custom inlay cutting boards, “Thirsty-thirty” bottle opener board with resin filled carving from my X-Carve.
    Contact me via instagram to see items and order:
  14. thomas o’Brien
    I make handmade sterling silver and bronze topo map belt buckles, bronze topo maps, and Cosplay items like real metal Beskar Steel
  15. bradsworkbench333
    I make wood and resin bowls / turnings as well as personalized serving boards & “catch all” trays.
  16. Kevin Simms
    Personalized CNC engraved solid wood American Flags and laser engraved plaques.
  17. Ninja Woodworks
    I make custom woodworking items such as cutting boards, flags, beds, doors, cabinets.
  18. Eric from
    I make custom antler mounting plaques.
  19. David Scola
    I make one of a kind furniture, historic reproductions, turned bowls and hollow vessels, kinetic sculptures and all varieties of charcuterie and cutting boards.
  20. JT Holderman
    I make quality handcrafted wooden items: Clipboards, Oil Shelves, Picture Frames, Coasters, Cutting Boards, etc.
  21. Sandra Zern
    I make hand carved wooden spoons from green wood, wooden ornaments, desk caddies and watercolor paintings.
  22. Sunridge Studio
    I make mobile phone stands with hardwood, which can be a gift for everyone.
  23. Preston Brown
    I make blanket ladders for sale in the Washington D.C. area.
  24. Stephen Legge
    Home decor items like Charcuterie boards, beer/shot flight boards, candle holders and Mickey Mouse ear holders
  25. Henry M
    Hand made, unique polymer clay jewelry
  26. Mark Mays
    I sell custom wood grill scrappers, custom signs for mountain cabins, wood cigar ashtrays.
  27. Jonas Sandelin
    I make coaster sets using live edge wood and epoxy, good less expensive gifts.
  28. Karen Corrigan
    Handtied paracord bracelets, key chains, necklaces, etc
  29. Seth Bolduc
    Small wooden paddles ornaments, utensils, decorations, magnets
  30. 42Fab Sales
    We sell CNC plasma cut Kits (Firepits, Shop Tools, Art Projects, and Metal Flowers) that Beginner to Experienced Welders can use to practice their welding while making something cool to keep around or give as a gift. Thanks again, feel free to share the code “JAYBATES” with your audience and I’ll give them 5% off!
  31. Neil Cole
    I make 1″ and 2.25″ pin-back buttons
  32. My Honey’s Handmade
    I make and sell cutting boards, charcutie boards, bowls that I make on the lathe and other custom furniture.
  33. Wells Original Woodcrafts
    My wife and I sell gifts specifically through our business and they range anywhere from live edge cutting boards to bath trays, to any other sort of gift you would think someone might enjoy for the holidays.
  34. JennyBeCreative
    Custom watercolor illustrations of homes, people and pets along with other various hand painted items.
  35. Jeffs Custom Curniture
    Cutting boards, custom cnc signs and wood turnings
  36. Gene Osburn (Scrap Wood Crafts)
    Creating handmade wooden decor
  37. Ryan DeVries
    Sewn Leather pens, turned wood, leather, shou sugi ban, and acrylic pens.
  38. Josh Newman
    I make Christmas tree boxes, herringbone serving trays and furniture.
  39. Anthony Sholty
    I make cutting boards and custom commissions.
  40. J Bondioli
    Custom grills, smokers, table legs, railings, carts, anything metal, you dream it I can likely build it.
  41. southern farm designs
    I make wood turned items and small wood items like bottle openers and cutting boards.
  42. Andrew Strutt
    Waxed canvas bags for bushcraft items and made to order. Will post international.
  43. Bryan Horton
    Custom wood products from outdoor TV enclosures and bath trays to serving and cutting boards.
  44. Matt Peterman
    Faux floral arrangements, wreaths, wooden centerpieces, home decor, custom woodworking.
  45. Miles Williams
    I make custom wooden signs, coasters, crokinole boards, art and furniture.
  46. Taylor Herrin
    I make custom furniture, CNC made EDC/Catch all trays, and handmade snowflake ornaments.
  47. Miles Williams
    I make custom wooden signs, coasters, crokinole boards, art and furniture.
  48. Taylor Herrin
    I make custom furniture, CNC made EDC/Catch all trays, and handmade snowflake ornaments.
  49. Anita Jackel
    I make soft and colourful leather bags and purses.
    We make and sell handmade candies, marshmallows, cream caramels, classic style hard candies, and ship them anywhere in the continental United States at reasonable prices.
  51. Eco Mouse
    Personalized Laser Cut & Engraved Items.
  52. Robert Chapman
    I make everything from butter knives to board games, cutting boards to coffee tables.
  53. Michael Carter
    Grocery List Holder
  54. Pettigrew Woodworks
    I create functional accessories and artistic pieces for office and home from Appalachian hardwoods.
  55. Mr David Buffington
    Dragons Hoard Crafts sells accessories for table top gamers from dice trays, earrings, bookmarks, and more.
  56. Alex Zelenjak
    Hand made wooden block sets and wooden toy storage made in Australia.
  57. Wooden ThingsAndStuff
    I make wooden pens, charcuterie boards and bowls from my one car garage shop on the west coast of Canada!
  58. Ben Birdsill – Cape Kaleidoscopes
    I make collector quality kaleidoscopes.
  59. David Archer
    I build custom picnic tables and benches in northeast Texas. Delivery offered
  60. Tony Pittsley
    I make pens, pencils, trinket boxes, wood turnings, cutting boards, and I take custom orders.
  61. John K
    I make custom carved wood signs and custom laser engraved Christmas ornaments.
  62. Sam Scott
    I make wooden kids toys that promote creativity and imagination.
  63. Ashley Coleman
    I make custom handcarved sacred art and fine furniture.
    H&M Craft Creations offers personalized handcrafted wood decor including sport-themed/mancave solo cup holders, wall-mounted mask hangers, and table centerpieces.
  65. John Raasch
    I make decorative plaques and signs with reclaimed wood; whether road scrap, construction debris, or pallet-wood I’ve never paid for my media.
  66. Robert Wing
    I make sculpted rocking chairs.
  67. Leather and Lumber Goods
    I make small handcrafted leather goods, such as wallets, and they are available on my website at
  68. Larry Allbritton
    I make jewelry boxes and humidors.
  69. Jon Doolin
    Making and selling handmade Christmas decorations from recycled Christmas trees.
  70. Brian Wildman
    I make wine corks holders and beer cap holders.
  71. DarkIslandCity – Long Island, NY
    I sell Bottle Openers, Ornaments, Coasters, Wood Signs, Prints etc pretty much a little of everything.
  72. Justin HySmith
    I sell cutting boards, custom carvings, and custom signs.
  73. Annareddwood
    I mostly sell wood turned items like bowls, platters, and decorations
  74. Flying WoodShop
    Wooden American Flags, United States Aviation roundels (stars and bars), Custom furniture, Flag storage and display cases (with a certificate or hand carved), Random little gift stuff – ornaments, wine caddies, bottle openers, etc
  75. Foothill Custom Furniture
    I make Craftsman and Shaker furniture as well as custom pieces.
  76. Meraki Studios of Wisconsin
    Wood pipes, trays, canes, art, furniture, home decor.
  77. Nathan Pryor
    I make Custom wooden signs, cheese boards with engraving and Electric Guitar bodies and Electric guitars Necks that you can build and finish yourself.
  78. Laviswoodturning
    I make wood and resin turned items.
  79. Wud Odam
    I make lamps and wireless chargers
  80. Robert McGeever
    I make custom wood gifts with cnc. The most popular items are cigar and whiskey trays, custom wood flags, cutting boards, serving trays, etc.
  81. NathanWilson – Sydney/Australia
    I make custom functional Rubik’s Cube art pieces for collectors or geeks that just want something unique.
  82. Dave at Catahoula Sign Co. in New Orleans
    I make these really great multi-layer city maps, laser engraved patent prints, and beer cap maps.
  83. Sweet Geek Retro Chic
    I make bath and body items, soaps and bath bombs.
  84. Jacob Dodd
    I make wooden menorahs, home decor, and pet furniture.
  85. John Made it
    I make Wifi YouTube subscriber counters and other items
  86. Dieter Neubauer
    Functional and unique household items as well as games and heirloom boxes
  87. Daniel Taylor
    I make wooden gaming accessories and ring boxes, based in the UK but do ship worldwide.
  88. Greg Halsey
    I use recycled hardwoods & metals to produce whimsical sculptures.
  89. Steve Koehler
    I 3D print mostly Nintendo Switch game holders, but also fidget cubes.
  90. Jonathan Citty
    We make hand-lettered and hand-painted custom Christmas Ornaments.
  91. Bryan Covington
    My wife an I make handcrafted Harry Potter inspired potions, custom wizard wands, as well as some select metaphysical things.
  92. Michael Junnier
    I make home gifts like signs and cutting boards.
  93. Steve Miller
    Skulls, flags, cutting boards, serving trays, gun boxes, Christmas ornaments, table decorations.
  94. Eric Stager
    EMS Woodworking LLC is on Etsy and we make cutting boards as well as US carved flags with personalization.
  95. Winter Wood Co
    Handmade cigar humidors and jewelry boxes.
  96. Baubbly
    Silver and resin jewelry
  97. Michael Neely
    Hello Jay, I make keepsake and cigar humidor boxes, cutting boards, jewelry and some furniture.
  98. Fiona Thomas
    I make soy wax candles and wax melts as well as vegan soaps.
  99. CycleFrog
    We make laptop trays for the Peloton.
  100. Riptide Vibes
    We’re a small nautical brand and 15% of our proceeds support marine conservation. Our bracelets are our most popular holiday gift and a great stocking stuffer.
  101. jbwyliecreations
    We make pottery of all types cups, bowls, platters dishes, etc. and on the woodworking side bowls, cutting boards, end tables and anything you can want made from wood. Alberta Canada
  102. Steve Owen
    I make all different things from cornhole boards to signs, furniture, workshop items.
    Our Etsy store makes and sells mantle shelves and custom wood items.
  104. Jakeb Hall
    I make and sell flags, crosses, challenge coin holders. patriotic wood pieces on Etsy
  105. JackWagon Woodworking
    I make/sell charcuterie boards w/ slate insert, dog leash holders, cutting boards, and signs carved on the CNC
  106. Chris Harpster
    I make: Woodworking plans to help other woodworkers, custom wooden rings, and military plaques / memorabilia.
  107. Nicolas
    Fractal art and geometry shapes.
  108. Paul at PCWoodshop
    I currently sell cutting boards, charcuterie boards and wine caddies.
  109. Jonathan Pobst
    Painted wood block décor
  110. Tony Shulthise
    I sell products to help you Build YOUR Space!
  111. Eric Ruggiero
    I sell cutting boards, river tables and butcher blocks.
  112. Carlos Angeles
    Vinyl items. Mostly stickers and such but also t-shirts and other heat pressed items.
  113. Misha Popov
    I started making pallet wood art pieces — mostly state maps and stuff like that. I think my work’s a little different from the parallel boards that you see on Etsy.
  114. david riggs
    I make wooden coin boards and wooden covered journals.
  115. Paula Rutten
    Handmade tote bags, doll items, and soap.
  116. Grant Takara
    I make retractable covid keychain hooks and small gifts such as titanium dice, element magnets, Cerakoted pen holders, and tooling such as softjaws.
  117. ianholt
    I make personalised cutting boards and custom timber furniture shipping Australia wide.
  118. Ondrew Hartigan
    I build model railroad tables of all sizes and shapes. /
  119. Matt Jones
    I make small batch heirloom baby rompers, bloomers, kaftans, and matching mamma and baby graphic clothes.
  120. Leather By Dragonfly
    We handcraft premium leather goods, including workplace aprons (both highly custom and off the shelf);  purses, totes, and clutches; and small gift items.

  121. Craig Doxtater
    I make ANYTHING out of wood, from game boards to furniture.
  122. Robert E. Wilson
    My wife Nets, crochets, makes tissue boxes, masks, and kitchen towels knit tops.
    I make bowls, pens, charcuterie, cutting boards, and ornaments.
  123. Charles Free
    Pistol boxes, pens, cookware, bowls, post office door banks, etc
  124. mitch rand
    Holiday ornaments, trays, coasters etc. my daughter handmakes with resin molds.
  125. Megan Fryrear
    I make custom resin tumblers, keychains, jewelry, jewelry boxes and much more!
  126. HingesCreakWoodshop
    Hand made furniture (from desks to key holders) and fandom pieces.
  127. Levi Boyd
    Handcrafted wooden American Flags. Made in the USA. Free shipping, mounting hardware pre-installed and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  128. Donnie Marcum
    I make segmented bowls & Pepper Mills
  129. Matt Bowers
    I make anything from picture frames to small furniture pieces.
  130. WSWB
    Keepsake and Jewelry Boxes
    Local: D. Newks Southern Artisan Coop, 10 Cannon Street, Georgetown, SC
  131. Minnesota Nice Creations
    We make custom scroll saw signs and home decor, as well as coasters and cribbage boards.
  132. Matt Brown
    I make hand carved wooden spoons.
  133. Sandro63
    I make quality handmade items from repurposed wood to complement the country rustic farmhouse decor, such as Wine Racks, Memo Boards, Serving Trays, Photo Collages, Coat Racks, Bathroom Organizers and Table Center pieces.
  134. Lift Bridge Furniture
    I make handmade Pegs & Jokers board games and sell other projects and plans for woodworkers.
  135. Gregg Masters
    I laser etch and UV full color photos on tumblers and other items.
  136. Sara Ambrose
    We make small wood projects such as flags and signs, some small decorative items and furniture. We also do custom stained glass pieces.
  137. Doug Sele
    I make banks using a variety of domestic and exotic woods. All the banks use old post office box doors on the front. To purchase:
  138. Crow’s Creek Customs in West Virginia
    My wife and I make everything we sell and we sell custom wood home decor and heirloom items.
  139. Graig Harris
    Wooden climbers and jungle gyms for children.
  140. Dario Solera / Woodworks
    I make unique, one-of-a-kind home accessories and furniture pieces.
  141. Brian Lister
    I am a hobby woodworker from Canada, I make Epoxy River tables, Cutting Boards, Custom Pens, and Hand Made Knifes.
  142. Amy Monak
    I make Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax Wooden Wick Candles, environmentally safe and toxin free.
  143. TiredMomThreads
    custom lettered clothing and other items
  144. Justice For All LLC
    I make anything from signs, awards, tables, ornaments.
  145. Kelley Carey
    We make custom signs and home decor.
  146. Chris Grant
    Anything from coasters to furniture, all handmade.
  147. Richard Sawyer
    In our family Etsy shop we are making and selling knitted blankets & ponchos and wooden wine racks.
  148. John Grubb
    I make modern style hardwood accessories for your gadgets and gear.
  149. Terry Phung
    I make crocheted amigurumi keychains and stuffed toys.
  150. Dark Bahamas
    I make custom made DJ rotary mixers
  151. Ben Thomas
    I make candle stick holders
  152. Jeff Bedwell
    We are a small business in Jacksonville, FL and design and build handmade, personalized wood and glass products.
  153. Christi Harris
    I own a small store here in Lebanon Tn called J.C.concessions and more and make Jams and Jellys, customized gift baskets, homemade soaps, candles blankets, and handmade baked goods.
    You can find us at 108 e. High street Lebanon tn 37087 or on Facebook at J.c.concessions and more
    Or contact us by phone at 615-803-4115
  154. Tucker Hill Design
    Custom wood and leatherwork
  155. taylorwoodcrafts
    My site has small handmade wood items that can ship like: Pens, bowls, key chains, bottle openers, hand carved signs etc
  156. Mark Dillon
    I make vintage Stanley/Bailey woodworking reproduction shirts, prints, posters, decor, and custom orders.
  157. Think Hatch
    I make a variety of hand made gifts from wooden combs to leather journals.
  158. Wood By Brown
    Woodworker making anything from signs, cutting boards, home décor, to bar stools and dining tables.
  159. Bogue Designs
    I make small wood projects that I sell on etsy like frames and wall art that are available now.
  160. Custom Conceal Furniture
    Furniture for hiding firearms or other valuables.
  161. Brooke Birman
    I make signs and cutting boards and other home decor type wood products.
  162. Martin Moses
    Alphabet and Prewriting Boards
  163. P5art Anddesign
    Currently make acrylic pour paintings with custom frames, necklaces and earrings.
  164. Farmboy Designs
    I make magnetic knife blocks, cutting boards, wine bottle holders, coffee tables, hope chests.
  165. PDX Hand Made
    Maoke Made stands for Making Acts of Kindness Everywhere, our Pronoun Pins raise money for local community causes.
  166. Deer Run Created
    We make Christmas Tree Skirts that look like presents under the tree. They are totally hand stitched and sewn.
    I specifically hand screen print patriotic shirts all my own designs out of my garage which you can find easily at:
  168. Al Amantea
    tool holders and other accessories, mainly for Festool tools, MFT Tables, and other similar designed tables. 3d printed, right here in South Louisiana (Baton Rouge!)
    I make endgrain cutting boards :)
  170. Jars of Clay Co.
    I make polymer clay earrings with several designs/shapes and colors
  171. Nicholson Woodworks.
    I make furniture, cutting boards, jewelry boxes, and home decor.
  172. Ryan Smith
    I make custom letterpress coasters, cutting boards, cnc signage, etc:
  173. Galley Wood – Handcrafted Kitchenware
    I make wooden bread making tools. Lames, Bench scrapers, Kneading Boards, Rolling Pins etc…


  1. Thank you so much for this Jay. Sales and visits to our shop went up immediately after you posted this and even had one sale who confirmed that they came to us from your site. Thank you again and we wish you the best the rest of the year.

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