Firepit Seating

Two years ago, in 2019, I made a video on my interpretation of an old chair design; the nesting chair. Since then I’ve made dozens of those chairs for other people. Up until now, I haven’t made any for myself or my family. In this video, I try to do our amazing firepit justice by making a set of chairs for the space.

For those interested, you can find templates here:
Printable template
MDF template
CNC file template 

For more information on the Breeo firepit visit


  1. So happy I just purchased a set of templates from you and I hope to build a set of four out of Oregon oak I’ve had curing in my shop for the last five years. I’ll be sure to keep my head in the game for safety as I do all the repetitive operations. Great job Jay!

    • We’ve had dozens of people of all sizes on ours with no issues. In fact, many have commented on how sturdy they are compared to how the design looks. And that’s with the hole already cut out. It will be even stronger without the hole cutout.


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