How To Make A Lit Prom Sign

A quick and easy build for my local high school. The cost of renting a lit up prom sign was $900! That’s crazy! Instead of renting, I made a set of letters they can keep for less than $200 in material cost. I donated my labor cost to help out.

Each letter is made from 3/4″ melamine and lit with a chopped-up string light kit that was provided to me. Each letter plugs into the next one so next year it can be used without the 22. Or a 3 can be made to add to it.

Here’s a pic of it in place!


  1. Very cool, Jay~! Nice job, as usual.
    I know that you primarily use carbide bits, if not always, but do you notice any dulling when cutting melamine? I don’t know how often you cut melamine, so not sure how much it takes to have an effect on a carbide milling bit.
    Our big box stores won’t cut down melamine sheets for customers, as they claim that it dulls the blades. I get blank stares from the associates when I mention that they should use carbide blades.


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