Tool Talk#19: Hammer HS950 Edge Sander

When I moved to my current shop one of my goals was to increase sanding efficiency and capability. In doing so I picked up the Festool Rotex 150 and this Hammer HS950. The Hammer HS950 is a 99″ x 6″ floor-standing edge sander. The video covers everything I have to say about it so I’ll drop three of the major topics here.

Cost comparison between the Hammer brand and Grizzly brand as of April 2023.

The Hammer HS950 has a 99″ long belt and Grizzly does not offer anything at 99″. This comparison is from selecting the two closest belt lengths and sorting by least expensive. This comparison basically answers the “is it worth it” or “is it worth the Hammer prices” questions that are very common. In reality, when you make an apples-to-apples comparison with capabilities being as close to equal as you can find, Hammer usually isn’t the most expensive. That was also obvious when I made my Hammer A3-41 Tool Talk video. Same scenario.

Where to get sanding belts?

I don’t have a current go-to source. Previously, I made a few orders at but they no longer exist. I don’t know why that is. I you have a good source for sanding belts please let everyone know. Here is a screenshot of an order from January 2020 for cost reference.

Did that miter gauge come with the machine?

No. It’s an accessory item. If a little leprechaun came into my shop and stole just the miter gauge I’d buy a replacement the same day. It’s incredibly handy. It basically turns the sander into a giant shooting board where you can square boards and panels with ease. I use it a lot for sanding and squaring boxes at the same time.


  1. Belts are directional because of the seam. If an overlap seam, the belt is single direction. If the seam is a butt joint, the belt is bi-directional.

    My source for belts is Uneeda in NY and they do custom sizes. All of their seams are butt joints and they have no directional arrows. I have yet to break one of their belts but do admit to having worn out a few. They have several paper types and all are top notch. I also have a grit assortment but seldom use 80 and 120 grit belts. I usually use 220 grit but I don’t use it for cleaning up glue. The belts last a long time.

    • Steve Rowe: have you found a particular Uneeda product to be best suited for your HS950 or other sander? It looks like they have multiple products available.

  2. Hammer standing machines are really good value, are fit for purpose and are extremely reliable and solid. Hammer is the Festool of standing machines.

    Thank you Jay for another excellent tool talk.

  3. Purchased my belts from Klingspor. (custom made due to size – telephone order) 800-645-5555
    ST00479: 311 150YX 6 X 99 #4
    ST00477: 311 220YX 6 X 99 #4

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