A Productive Day In The Shop

It’s Father’s Day today. Right now, I’m at my dad’s house in Michigan, sitting at the base of a massive tree I climbed when I was a kid. The weather is perfect; a gentle breeze, no humidity, and full sun. In a few hours, kids will be in constant giggles, pool water will be splashing, and a distance competition between the smell of grilled food and the sound of an acoustic guitar will commence. Life is great today, and I hope yours is as well.

Rewind to a few days before making this trip and a few more items on the busy list. Having a productive day in the shop was a requirement, so I decided to record it. Not all shop time is structured project content for YouTube. Sometimes it’s just a matter of grabbing a marble from a full bag and seeing which one you get. Lots to do, so little time.

Have a great day today, and if you have a father figure in your life, be sure to thank him.

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    • On the Avid platform, the Z axis is a piece of extruded aluminum. One of the tracks of the aluminum is the perfect size to just jam the marker in the track. No mounts to create.

  1. For pens in the future, look at Koh-I-Noor Rapidiograph or Keuffel & Esser Leroy Reserivoir Pens originally used for drawing and lettering on engineering drawings. The pins are available in many sizes from a hair width up to about 5/32″ width. It goes without saying, the larger the pen width the faster it will use ink. The reservoir pins hold a reasonable quantity of drawing ink (like India Ink) and should be an easy fit to your spindle. There is an attachment that has a vertical rod or pin that could be held in a collet and the pen threads into a ring attached to the pin. I assume all this is still available on the retail market and should be available on eBay.
    Use this link to see a set of pens on eBay, the 4th – 6th pictures show what a reservoir pen looks like.

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