Bandsaw Maintenance – Grizzly G0555LANV

Tool cleaner:

A decade ago, I purchased this exact bandsaw. It’s the Grizzly G0555LANV. It’s a GREAT bandsaw, by the way. When I got my Laguna 18BX bandsaw in 2018, space was limited, and the Grizzly had to go. I sold it to a friend of mine named Ben.

Ben sold it to a mutual friend friend named Bill. And Bill donated it back to me recently. I say donated because he refuses to accept money for it. I’ve helped him on a few builds, and he says the bandsaw is in exchange for helping him. If you read this, Bill, thank you. But I will get you to accept some payment eventually…

The bandsaw has not been used much over the past few years, and it shows. Sometimes, the best way to keep something operational is to use it. In this video, I removed the riser block to set it up for a dedicated curve-cutting machine, removed and cleaned the entire blade guide assemblies, replaced bearings, put it back together, and made a bit of sawdust.


  1. I always enjoy these videos reconditioning woodworking machines. Saw cuts very nice curves. Is that a 3/16″ blade?

  2. I have the 35th anniversary saw with the riser and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Does everything I need a bandsaw for.

  3. I have the exact same saw model, bought to make my daughter’s cradle years ago. Still used almost daily, but I have no desire to take it apart!

  4. Hey Jay
    Love the videos. What is your process/ system on taking apart something like this, and then putting it back to together making sure that it goes back correctly.
    Thanks for the great content!

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