My 101 acre plan….that will change

In this video I covered our 101 acre plan. This is a 5-10 year plan that will obviously change. As things progress, perspectives and priorities evolve. Being able to look back onto this initial plan will be fun in the next few years.


  1. Awesome piece of land buddy! If it was me, and it ain’t, house would be smack dab in the center of the property!

  2. I will watch live your plan vicariously. I have watched you since the days of your shop in the apartment. Lose track and come back etc. This was my dream when we bought a house on 8acres. I did manage to build a small barn and shop. The years, however, caught up with my wife and I and we downsized.

    I will track your progress with interest and hope for you and family to achieve those goals.

  3. Jay,

    You are living the dream many of us have or had.
    A friend of ours cycled across Canada as well as extended cycling in Europe while his wife was alive. His advice to me is “If there’s anything you want to do, do it as soon as possible “.
    I’m cheering for you and your family.
    All the very best.

  4. Jay,
    I love to see how excited you are and that you will be able to share it all with your extended family. I look forward to joining you vicariously on your journey. Congrats!!

  5. A very nice piece of property Jay and looking forward to seeing what you do with it. If I was only 40 yrs. younger and able to do over, this would be the perfect dream. A couple question, what is to the East of where your shop would be and what is the buffer zone from the shop and the property line. Are there close neighbors to the East.

  6. Jay ,I live in the uk and I built my dreams home in 1999.a large 5bed house .now our children have married and left the nest .the house is too big for my wife and me and my health is not as good BUT this was our dreams and we’re staying put .I have watched you from when you first started out through out your marriage etc and always felt kinda proud of what you achieved .keep going with your dreams .I’m now 71and fighting cancer and watching youtube videos is one of my pleasures. good lucky in all you do and I will watching this project with great interest .love to you and your family take care.

  7. Thank you for sharing this exciting time in your families life. I have been following you for years and this might be your most exciting and ambitious project. Can you share the mind mapping software you use I need to start doing that for myself . Blessing to you and your family.

  8. Jay: after thinking about this for a day, I throw out a caution here. I managed a civil engineering firm for a time and saw all kinds of land developments. Be careful not to disturb natural water flows on your property by building parameter roads. I am sure you will have to do some tree cutting and grading in building these. If topo and natural water sheds are not considered into the architecture of your land plan, the roads could become damns or they could go the other way and became drainage paths, either one disturbing the nature of the area. What happens with storm water? You may want to get a tree and topography survey done and consult a civil engineer prior to any construction. This could also determine possible enhancements you could make such as a pond or other asset sometimes easily done without disturbance.


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