New Tool: CHIPPING a driveway

Due to the weather, the dirt work we contracted out for the driveway and shop pad has been delayed. So, we spent some time doing grunt work to shape the driveway and get a better visual of how it will look and where it will be.

We got the tractor out to the property for the first time, which was exciting, to say the least. Tractor seat time is therapeutic. To help us clear our piles, I use a Woodland Mills WC68 6″ PTO Wood Chipper, powered by the tractor PTO, and can handle material up to 6″ in diameter. The chipper is rated for 20-50 PTO horsepower. My tractor has 30 horsepower at the PTO, so I won’t be able to maximize the capability of this chipper, but it will allow for growing room if I get a larger tractor in the future. I haven’t measured anything, but I believe I chipped a 5-6″ diameter pine tree with it with no problems. I think I could chip 6″ pine easily, but hardwoods are another story. You can audibly tell the ease of chipping pine vs the power demand of similar-sized hardwood. Considering we have 101 acres of trees, this will be a handy implement for the foreseeable future.


  1. Do the wood chips help with the mud control at all?

    And my John Wooden quote is:
    “Nothing will work until you do.”

    Blessings on your amazing adventure.


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