2 Weeks Progress on our Forever Property

This video was recorded exactly two weeks after closing on the land. We’ve had some equipment delays, land-clearing contractor delays, and weather delays. All in all, not bad progress.

We’ve done so much since this video was shot. Much more progress is under way, but the weather this time of year is quite wet, causing a chaotic work/relax schedule.


  1. LOVING this, Jay!! Y’all are really making some great progress.

    Looking forward to your forthcoming reports on this beautiful property.

  2. Awesome as always. You and your family are very hard workers. I love to see that. Looking forward to your next update Jay. Keep the hunters off your land. LOL

  3. Amazing amount of work you three have done so far! I can’t wait to see what’ up and coming! I’m hoping to do something very similar in the next year or two after I retire. Such great inspiration! Keep up the progress and by all means keep every one safe!


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