Cutting Board #3

cutting board

I found another sofa next to a dumpster waiting to be picked up. I happened to have a sledge, prybar, and a utility knife in the truck so I started to dismantle it.cutting board To my surprise I found some beautiful walnut and oak.cutting board After cutting off the staples and bad pieces I was left with enough usable wood to make a cutting board. I added a 30 degree chamfer along the bottom like last time. The final measurements are 11×15 x 1.125. Its a little thin for my liking but I’d much rather have a thin cutting board for free than see all that beautiful wood rot in a landfill.cutting board cutting board cutting board cutting board cutting board


  1. Aren’t you worried about what could of been used to treat it before using it to cut food on? I am genuinely asking because this seems really cool.

    • I’m not worried about it. I have worked in 2 furniture manufacturing plants. 1 of which was the frame mill. The wood used in furniture is just everyday dried hardwoods. No treating at all. It’s actually an interesting process really.

  2. Hey , where there is a will, there will always be a way! Great Scrounging-gave me some good ideas. I’ll just be sure to where gloves before I tear into a grungy couch.~Dolly

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