Entertainment Center to Router Table

Router Table

Treasures are hidden everywhere! This was a low profile media center that someone left behind to go rot away in our local landfill. Because it is all particle board I thought it was a trash piece until I moved it. When I picked it up I noticed it was very solid. There was no play in the joinery and it was in great shape. After looking at if for a bit I thought it would be pretty cool to turn it into a router table. I would have storage on either side of the main cavity for bits. The only drawback to using cheap particle board is that the surfaces tend to warp easily with the slightest bit of moisture. I decided to give it a try so I took it to the shop and noticed the top and bottom were darn near perfectly flat. I already had a home made insert plate for my router that I used in a previous setup. To make the cutout I used some scrap pieces of pine to form a frame that my router would follow with a flush trim bit. The table does have glass doors but I don’t see that being a problem. I explain it a bit more in the video.Router Table Router Table Router Table Router Table Router Table