Simple Shoji Frame

Shoji Frame

This turned out to be a super simple shoji frame as it will only have three main divisions where typically a shoji frame will have several divisions. The person this is going to is into crochet crafts so it will be used as a creative template of sorts. There are a few handy techniques demonstrated in these videos. I will show how to make accurate half lap joints both on the ends of the workpiece as well as in the middle. To make the middle half laps I use a kerfmaker style stop block. I also show how to cut a precise mortise for a hinge and show just how easy it is to get perfectly centered holes for your hinges. Odds are your screws will wander away from where you actually want them if you do not make centered pilot holes. This project consisted of 24 half lap joints total and is super simple, super strong, super easy. This project was recorded in a three part series. Video two shows the kerfmaker stop block. Video 3 shows how to accurately cut a mortise and center holes perfectly with a number two brad point bit. No need to buy those expensive self centering drill bits. Hope you enjoy!



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