Video: High Yield Pallet Dismantling

Pallet table

Pallets are everywhere. Use the wood to make your next project. With an upcoming pallet build it was a great time to try a few different methods. Just don’t try to take them apart with a hammer and crow bar. I ended up cracking and destroying most of the first pallet this way. I remember watching a video from the YouTube channel BeachBumLivin where he suggested using a reciprocating saw (commonly called a sawzall) to cut the nails.  This is by far the best method for me. It does however have some drawbacks. Because you are cutting the nail in half you are left with the nails in the wood. For the slat side its as easy as punching them out with a nail punch. For the structural members it’s nearly impossible to get the nails out. For me this isn’t a problem as the only cuts that I will make to the structural member is crosscutting. If your project requires ripping these pieces down than you are pretty much out of luck. It is still my recommended method for dismantling pallets. Check out this video showing how to get the most out of your pallets.


  1. I have learned over the last few years, a hydraulic Jack does wonder at pulling the slats up, and I hardly ever get cracked boards. Unless the pallet is in pretty rough shape to begin with.

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