Video: Jointing small stock on the table saw

Jointing Small Stock On The Table Saw

With all the “Trash to Treasure” projects I have been doing lately I have accumulated a LOT of smaller hardwood scraps. Unfortunately they are mostly warped in one way or the other. The pile gets bigger and bigger on a regular basis just waiting for me to find a way to straighten it. I have a plainer but making a small sled for it sounds pretty dangerous considering the small size of the pieces. I do not have a jointer and even if I did the pieces are small enough to reek havoc in the shop. My solution was to make some sort of hold down system for the table saw. I set out to build a jig to allow me to square up small hardwood scraps. Looking back on the jig it is essentially a modified tapering jig. I used a piece of white oak that was milled down to the proper width of my miter slot. I cut it down to 3/8″ in height and glued it to the bottom of a piece of scrap 3/4″ plywood. Next I drilled some counter bore and through holes in the bottom side to mount some carriage bolts from the bottom side. After making the first one I realized that it was a tad too large for the smaller pieces. It would work fine but something a lot smaller would do the trick too so I built a second one. A full explanation of how I made two of these jigs in the video below. Thank you for watching!



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