Bandsaw Box Clock With Hidden Storage

It’s interesting how inspiration hits you. This clock was inspired by a few sources. I have always been a fan of nautical style desktop clocks. Do a quick Google images search and you will see what I’m talking about. Combine those with a really cool bandsaw box made by The Drunken Woodworker and add an episode of DIY Network’s Wasted Spaces and I came up with this.

The main body of the clock is poplar. To give it a nice contrast I wanted to add a thin strip in front and back of a darker wood. I really wish I had access to some walnut locally but unfortunately red oak and poplar are the only hardwoods I can find without venturing too far. The thin strips and the clock face parts are red oak.

The clock movement was purchased from a local box store for $5. It’s funny how you can purchase a cheap-o clock movement for $5 or you can dismantle an assembled dollar store clock to get the exact same movement for about $1. I guess it costs more to package something than assemble it.

This is one of those projects that was a disaster behind the scenes in the shop. It was a weekend full of mostly dumb mistakes and waaaaaay too much of “where did I put that?” The clock also didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. When cutting the profile I opened up a nasty knot that I thought for sure I would miss. The magnets I got were also not strong enough. Well…they were plenty strong if mounted in the appropriate orientation. I tossed around how to add the hidden storage part. My original design had a hinge in the back that was secured with one magnet at the top. In order for that to work I had to remove most of the actual storage drawer to clear the front of the clock when opened. I ended up going with vertically placed magnets and doubled them up. This allows for the drawer to be pulled down from below.

I hope you enjoy the video and hope that you may find a bit of inspiration in it. Thanks for watching.

bandsaw box clock

bandsaw box clock

bandsaw box clock

bandsaw box clock



  1. where did you get that black it over 14 in.whats the name brand-thanks.i relly like the clock thanks-mike

  2. Very interesting project. It makes my long, long list of projects to make. I wonder if rare earth magnets would work better? I keep a couple different sizes around for just such projects… you can get them pretty cheap on eBay.

    • Thanks John. Yes, rare earth magnets would have been the best. I actually went looking for them but could only find ceramic and didn’t have the time to order online.

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