Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #16– January 24, 2014

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Carl Jacobson

This is for all of you lathe owners out there. I’ll have a lathe some day….some day.

Izzy Swan

Incredibly simple bench vice that you can make with scrap wood. Awesome meter = pretty high.

John Heisz

John is always so creative. He has a very unique project set.


Angie has been a regular to the online woodworking scene for a while now. I invite you to check out her projects and blog posts on LumberJocks. I’m also trying to persuade her to start her own website. She really should! If you like her content then maybe you should tell her to make one too (hint hint). Here’s her quick and dirty lumber storage. (click the image)

Spirals By Steve

A sea shell made from wood. These look awesome. Click around the website for more awesomeness. (click the image)

Cat Furniture

These look so simple. I bet anyone could make a few reproducable designs, make a flyer or brochure, take it to a local pet store and let them advertise for you. (click the image)



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