Mike Brust’s Cypress Trash Can

Mike build a pretty cool version of my trash can without even looking at the plans. Complete with the paw print as well! I think he went a little bigger with his though. Looks great! Mike writes:

Hey Jay,

I recently saw a video of your wooden trash can and decided to build one. I made this out of weathered cypress and turned it into a dog food bin. I also followed your video #36 about using shellac/denatured alcohol for finishing pine. Although cypress and pine share a lot of similarities, the finish didn’t turn out as well…..lesson learned. Regardless, I thought I would share with you a couple pictures of the finished project. If I could only replace those plastic dog dishes, I would be set! LOL

Thanks for all the great videos!! I have been subscribed for a while now and enjoy every new video you put out. Now, if I can just get the hang of SketchUp!!

Mike Brust

wood trash can (1)

wood trash can (2)


  1. Mike that looks truly awesome. I actually like the way the finish looks. I want to make one for my pet, but she’s a Chihuahua and I would take her a century to eat as much food as that thing can hold. So It looks like I will be going the trash can route. Thanks for posting the project.

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