Featured Creator: Jack Houweling

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Jack Houweling

Jack is a fellow free woodworking content creator on YouTube. From very useful shop projects to fun toys he has a lot of neat content to check out. If you haven’t already check out Jack’s channel. I asked Jack why he makes YouTube videos and here’s what he said:

I have been doing woodworking since I was a child. In my teens I  became a piano technician and since pianos are 80% wood I combined the two skills. I enjoy watching people create new things on YouTube and  hope I can do the same. I will always  share my work and this is why I make YouTube videos.

Remember that subscribing, liking, and sharing any video on YouTube is completely free. It costs you nothing and lets the creator know you enjoy their content and want to see more like it. Here are a few great projects of Jack’s to check out. Be sure to leave a comment on his videos and tell him what you think. First, making a wooden clamp.

And an upright table clamp.

Jack is a piano technician by trade. For those who are interested you can check out his website here:


You can also follow Jack on G+



  1. I’m a fan of Jack’s postings and found it a bit funny that he seemed to sensitive in both videos about the number of clamps he has. …………..repeat after me….one cannot have enough clamps……one cannot have enough clamps……..

    Also noted that Jack wasn’t using his dust collector jig. I noticed that he has it set up, but not connected to a shopvac/collector………..wondered why. Based on his earlier videos, I made several of his dust collection jigs…………they work great for my belt sander and drill press……I’ve also used it on my router table and it’s great.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy both your and Jack’s videos.

    P.S. I’m particularly impressed with how Jack has continued his woodworking even though it’s clear that he’s dealing with (what appears to be) advanced arthritis. I’m also disabled by Cancer and use woodworking as a hobby to help keep me focused on the positive aspects of life. Good for you, Jack!!!!

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