SketchUp: Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time in SketchUp. Believe it or not the motion of going to the toolbar and back to the model can add up to some serious time if you use SketchUp to design all of your projects or even single complex projects. Using keyboard shortcuts in SketchUp keeps your eyes where they need to be which is at the model. This will also amount to less eye fatigue from moving back and forth during a long SketchUp session.

I try to use keyboard shortcuts for everything I do. I’ve even made a few custom keyboard shortcuts such as D for Dimension to assist my workflow. Here is a list of common keyboard shortcuts I use in SketchUp:

  • L for line
  • D for dimension
  • R for rectangle
  • P for push pull
  • Space bar for selection
  • Q for rotate
  • S for scale
  • F for offset
  • K for hidden lines
  • M for move
  • Ctrl for copy
  • C for circle
  • A for arc


  1. For those of you guys that are using a PC, not a Mac, there’s a great shortcut built right into the three button mouse. If you hold the center or scroll button down you get orbit, and if you hold the left mouse button down at the same time you get pan. It’s very quick and easy to use both mouse buttons in conjunction with each other for those two shortcuts.

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