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Carl Jacobson

If you have ever searched “lathe” or “woodturning” on YouTube you have probably watched a Carl Jacobson video. Carl has been uploading wood turning videos to YouTube since way back in 2007 and since then has amassed a collection of 249 videos. That’s a lot of time and effort put into making free woodworking videos for everyone’s enjoyment and education. In the video above Carl shows us how to turn automotive paint on the lathe and make something useful out of it. I put that video on top for a few reasons. It shows creativity in finding a use out of what would be considered a waste product (trash). It also shows that just because we are “woodworkers” doesn’t mean that we have to be constrained to wood. It’s good to apply your woodworking knowledge and skills to other areas and materials just for the sake of creating and being creative.

I asked Carl; Why do you produce the free content that you produce? What motivates or inspires you? But more importantly with you, what pulls you closer to turning more so than any other aspect of woodworking? Here’s what he had to say:

If you’d said to me I was going to be a teacher someday, I’d of laughed. School was my worst subject, but I didn’t realized how rewarding teaching could be. It’s a great feeling when I get an email from someone that says I inspired them to try turning. The community of online woodworkers is so open, and has given me the motivation to continue to produce videos. Woodturning has become my favorite form of woodworking. I’m fascinated that you can take a raw piece of wood to the lathe, and an hour later have a beautiful finished project.

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  1. Jay,
    Carl is one of the best Woodturners on YouTube. I learned from him when I was starting out and still learn from him every time I watch one of his videos. Not only if he an amazing woodturner, he is very acessable to his followers. If you leave Carl a comment or ask him a question, he always responds. That takes a lot of personal time but as a new turner having him help you out with a how to, or, just getting a response from the turner who inspires you is an amazing feeling. It makes you want to keep going in the hobby of turning. YouTube is the only medium that puts the two together and free videos benefit everyone.
    I think it’s great that you are promoting a featured free content producer on your web site. You are also an amazing wood worker whom I have learned a great deal from. Not only do I watch your videos but I have made several of your projects. This is a great thing the you are doing and I personally will continue to subscribe, like, and share free woodworking video producers.

    Bob Blanford

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