Featured Creator: Peter Brown

The more people making woodworking videos the better. Seriously…get your camera out! Remember the days before the internet? We just had a couple TV programs and the monthly magazine subscriptions to get our new inspiration from. Today we have so many people creating and sharing their projects and ideas for others to enjoy and learn from. And the best part is everyone who creates has a unique style and set of projects.

And speaking of unique style and set of projects I don’t think there is any chance I would have thought of the unique projects Peter has completed. A colored pencil ring? Nope, never would have thought of that. A unique pencil drawer in the workbench? Never. And a Zelda Triforce LED lit desk lamp? I wish. Those are some of the projects that Peter has come up with. I invite you to check out Peter’s YouTube channel and see if you like what he has to offer. Subscribe if you like his videos and be sure to leave a comment or two. Remember that commenting, liking, and sharing videos are the easiest way for you to show your support for the content that you enjoy. It also lets the creator know that you want to see more from them. Earlier this week I asked Peter a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.

What is your motivation to create free woodworking videos?

I’ve been watching YouTube woodworking videos since about 2008. That was back when the Wood Whisper was the new kid and Steve Ramsey didn’t know what a “tripod” was. But it wasn’t till I started watching Jimmy DiResta videos last year that I thought, I’d like to try that. I love trying things that I haven’t seen done, and letting them ride win or lose. There is something so exciting about succeeding with a new idea! My hope is that someone sees my video and that it sparks a new idea for them.

If you could give advice to anyone who is interested in making things out of wood but hasn’t yet made anything what would you say?

Don’t worry about failing. It’s part of woodworking, or really, making in general. Give it try and don’t fret it something goes wrong, or it doesn’t look like your plan. In wood turning we call it dynamic design! Almost all woodworker I’ve met could point to any piece they made and identify a flaw. The real trick is, not letting those errors stop you from trying again…

If you were given an unlimited resource of tools and materials for one project what would you make?

I work in a pretty small shop, so I’m pretty confined to the size of pieces I can realistically build. I’ve always wanted to make one those giant dining/meeting tables. So I while I’m not positive what it would look like, I know it would be huge!

There are a few more places where you can keep up with Peter’s work. You can check out his website HERE. You can like his Facebook page HERE. And you can follow him on Twitter HERE. I’ve included a few of Peter’s videos on this page but be sure to check out his YouTube channel for the rest of his videos.



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