Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #42 – August 16, 2014

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Lots of stuff to get to this time!

John Heisz

There’s still plenty of time to enjoy outside this summer. And here’s a chair to sit in and do just that.

John also has a nice little angle cutting guide design. You can follow along and build it here (click the image)

Jack Houweling

Here’s a nice little tool caddy that’s pretty easy to make.

Steve Carmichael

There must be something associated with the name Steve and creativity…..


Just to throw a little metal working in. Here’s one way to make a bell.


A few weeks ago I shared Kevin’s PVC bandsaw box and he’s back with another artistic design. This one turned out fantastic!

I have laminate flooring in my living room and as soon as they are worn out I’m laying plywood. Check this out! (click the image)

Marble Run

I instantly thought of when I saw this. I think the concept is great for kids. Allow them to modify and change the marlbe run as many times as they want. Modifying the design and watching the marble go through the course is short enough to keep kids engaged. (click the image)

That’s My Letter

Woah! That’s one HUGE outdoor table. 10 chairs comfortably?!! (click the image)


  1. Hey, Jay … I have just finished reviewing the ‘real wood floor made from plywood’ link you posted. From the photo’s it really looks neat. The folks who did it made no mention of subfloor prep, etc. What is your take on cutting up sheets of plywood, one side good, and turning it into an apparent hardwood floor? .. durability? .. movement? .. longevity? .. etc.



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