Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #41 – August 9, 2014

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Drunken Woodworker

The first two videos this week are from David at This one is a serving tray with breadboar ends. The design is relatively simple and straight forward but due to the wood combination the project really pops. I really like the way this turned out.

The next video from David shows a technique to drill a hole larger than your largest drill bit. It’s a very handy techinque to know!


Shane has an eye for rustic pallet projects that I wish I had. I mean, look at the end result of this pallet project…AWESOME! Just awesome.

Wooden Beetle

If you guys ever find any interesting woodworking articles be sure to send them my way. That’s exactly how I got a hold of this one. Angie Overton sent me a link to this wooden VW Beetle. How cool is that! Click the image to see a lot more awesome images.

I Like To Make Stuff

The CNC market is growing quickly. Partially due to the fact that smaller CNC machines are becoming more budget friendly and inviting to the every day user. Bob from recently gave us an inside tour of Inventables, the same company that makes the ShapeOko CNC machine.

Jon Peters Art & Home

A very modern set of chairs.

Matthias Wandel

I’ve often wondered if link belts are worth it as I have no experience with them.


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