SketchUp: 2×4 Half Lap Bar Stools

I’ve previously made a few bar stools but they are a little too tall to use in my home. I have a 36″ bar so I need 24″ bar stools. I also wanted to change the design a little so that the entire project was all straight cuts. Those requirements resulted in a half lap bar stool design. I’m going to make mine out of 2x4s but honestly the whole project is sized for 2x2s.

Remember that the purpose of these SketchUp videos isn’t to show you how to design this exact project. However, if you want to follow along and build the exact same thing feel free to do so. Hopefully I can incorporate a few new things occasionally¬†to help you learn how to use SketchUp as a powerful design tool for your next project. Good luck!


  1. I get dizzy jay just watching you zip around SU. What version are you using. I have V8 freebie and it does not seem to have the “Make Unique” feature.


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