SketchUp: An Exercise In Visualization – Table Saw Clutter Shelf

I’ve realized that I have a problem. A clutter problem. I have a bad habit of cluttering the right side of my table saw with anything and everything while I’m working at the table saw. A month or so ago I put a piece of scrap plywood across the top of a trash can directly to the right of my table saw to act as a shelf. It seemed to have worked in reducing clutter on the saw surface so I decided to make a dedicated shelf that will go directly to the right of my table saw station.

Because the project itself is incredibly easy I thought it would be an interesting idea to model the project in SketchUp from the same view. I’ll call it an exercise in visualization to see how the project will come together without being able to see all sides of the actual model.



  1. Jay, Nice Job Buddy ! Have you considered Creating an Overhead Table Saw Clutter Shelf since one usually has their Table Saw away from the wall, which is where you would have to place the one that you just shared ?

  2. Jay, really love your sketch up videos. You seem very proficient in its use. How did you get started with sketch up? Did you take a course, read a book, Watch a tutorial, what’s the best way in your opinion to get started?

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