Asian Inspired Coat Rack

Last week a good friend of mine, Jeff Ferguson, visited for a few days. We didn’t have anything planned as far as making a video or project prior to his trip but figured it would be fun to knock out a quick coat rack for his house. It’s a project he was wanting to do for a while and didn’t take us long to make. We used red oak for the material and he finished it with Rustoleum Carrington stain with two coats of clear shellac. For an accompanying build article for the video above as well as a sketchup file for the project click on over to Jeff’s website. Have a good one folks!


  1. Nice video Jay and a great safety tip for those who have young family members running & walking through our garage/shop areas. The project turned out nice also, I like the fact that you showed changing your mind can sometimes be more appealing than the original plan. What we draw on paper sometimes just doesn’t match up to what we see and feel in our hands as we put it together.

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