Vlog #85: Mic Check, Twine, & Mulch

Video Notes:

  • I had some audio recording problems this past weekend which delayed my normal Sunday video release. That video will be out this Wednesday. I also have next week’s video complete minus the narration so we should be good to go next weekend. However, I’d like to get something else recorded and published as well…
  • My wife wanted to make a project this past weekend. It was a simple, rustic style picture frame that turned out really great. We didn’t record a video on it but I did take a bunch of progress pictures so I will have an article on it this week some time. I’ll also have a sketchup file with all of the dimensions as well for those who are interested in it.
  • Got a lot of yard work done over the weekend and started on a much anticipated mulch project for our flower beds. We didn’t get finished which means we have a bit more work to do next weekend.


  1. The frame does well with the picture. Don’t go harvesting other people’s barbed wire…. the twine is great. And thanks for the views of your beautiful home.

  2. Mulch – another ground fabric Jay that we use and is just as effective and free (if you save them) is newspaper! We first lay down several sheets overlapping as we go to cover the designated area then spread the mulch to the depth we want. The weeds then don’t come thru.
    Cheers, David

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