Wayne Brown – Find Your Fire

You’re reading this most likely because you enjoy woodworking. Maybe it’s a hobby for you. Maybe it’s something more than that and it’s allowing you to earn some money. Regardless, if you do it long enough or frequent enough you’re bound to encounter a bit of burn out. The fun fades and you just don’t want to do it as much. You lose your drive. It happens to all of us. One really good way to get the drive back is to find a spark. Find a quick win.

I’ve gotten interested in documentary style or interview style videos lately and decided to have a try at making one. I explained an idea I had for the theme of a video to my friend Wayne Brown and he agreed to let me record him. The premise of the video is to not give in to burn out. Instead, find a quick win. Something that will get the fire going again. Big thanks to Wayne for getting in front of the camera for this one and sharing his perspective. If you use instagram be sure to follow Wayne to keep track of what he’s up to.


  1. Interesting bit by your friend, Wayne Brown. I have a question: He mentioned that he had been in his (two car garage) wood shop for “… around 3 years now.” Did he mean by that, that his shop is simply a new space for him or did he mean that he has gotten into woodworking a mere 3 years ago? Just curious.



  2. WOW! Beautifully done and very enjoyable. You have moved up the ladder again, this time three rungs.

  3. Jay this was a great video with perfect timing. I saw you shop tour with Wayne’s shop months ago and loved it. I recently got a job with long hours and on top of going to school, my work shop became a catch all. In trying to get it back in shape I became overwhelmed and stalled. Wayne’s advise about find the instant win to reignite the fire was just what I needed. Thanks again for all the work you put in on your channel.

  4. Great video Jay. You have a real talent for videos & communicating…in addition to your woodworking expertise. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jay,

    I can’t express how much I enjoyed this video. While it’s true I like watching project videos, I think that sometimes I am the project, as Wayne mentioned. Please, please make more videos in this style. Great work.

  6. Jay,

    This is beyond inspirational. Thank you to you and Wayne for creating this video.


  7. I can clearly see why you were so excited about this in your previous video…at least I think this what you meant.
    The music was great and thanks to Mike I now what it was. It didn’t overwhelm Wayne’s voice but it was nice to hear.

    Great job and I hope to meet you one day.

    Very well cone. Kudos to you.


  8. Wow Jay, you out did yourself on this production. Everything was perfect from the Pachibel’s Canon
    playing softly in the background, the intersperse pictures of Wayne’s work, to his interview. Class act Jay and what a nice ,inspirational man Wayne is. Thanks for another Great video!

  9. Mark Twain once said “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”. I think Mr. Twain would have been pleased with the way you told this story. Nicely done!

  10. Hi Jay, I live in the beautiful Fiji Islands I am a commercial videographer by trade, I also love woodworking and I love your videos and just wanted to say you’re an inspiration both in filming and as a talented woodworker. This video with Wayne Brown is awesome, keep it coming brother. Respect. Bula from Fiji.

  11. Oh…my…days!

    Jay – this is a truly brilliant video. Many, many, thanks to you and to Wayne for doing this. Polished production, excellent editing, and the passion literally oozes out from both Wayne talking about his woodworking to the way in which you put this together. You both should be truly proud of it.

    This is one I’ll watch again & again.

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