My 7 Year Old Nephew Turning a Pen

In this video I assist my 7 year old nephew, Nate, in turning his first pen on a lathe. My primary focus was making sure he had fun while learning something new. Secondary was the video side of things so the audio and video aren’t the greatest.

Take advantage of every opportunity to share a craft or skill with the youth around you.

Regarding safety: Long sleeve shirts are not recommended at a lathe, however, it was cold in the shop and I made sure he fully understood where his hands and arms were not to go before we began. We also had an air filter close to the lathe pulling the airborne dust away from us.

Be safe and have fun :)


  1. That’s great Jay. I too take every opportunity to teach neighborhood children, as well as my son, who is now grown and crafts wood on a part time basis from his home in south Texas. My 9 year old grandaughter, is my newest protege’ and tells me that what she is learning will live forever. She down-right refuses to do small kiddy toy type works. It’s (for now anyway) small shelves and plant stand tables. Have fun, and keep sharing.

  2. Great Job Jay! It’s not often you can keep their attention through a whole project. I love doing this and I have an event coming in later April. There will be a lot of kids that all want to try so we’ll probably be making spinning tops. Well, the KIDS will be making spinning tops. I’ll just be assisting them to make sure they stay safe!

  3. Great ! I really liked the way you went about it. I remember well the first time I worked on a lathe. It kindled my interest in woodworking which still exists 60 years later. Keep on encouraging him in wood work, at his own pace.


  4. Jay, what a good uncle you are. You taught him a skill that will hopefully spark an interest in wood working. I couldn’t get over the grin on his face and what a good job he did at age 7! Your a natural at teaching. You were calm encouraging, even when reminding him how to hold the lathe tool you were encouraging. And what a beautiful pen it turned out to be too!! I know who his favorite uncle is now.
    Thanks fun video to watch & be sure to film any future projects with him.

  5. What a cute kid! And so polite and attentive! I hope he goes on to be the next Jay, and with guidance like you give he very well could!

  6. Great job Jay! It’s really a good feeling helping a kid to get excited about woodworking! Great job showing him the safe way also!

  7. I enjoyed the video but for your and your nephews safety get yourself a 6″ tool rest. You have the tool rest way to far from the work and the tool can drop down between the work and rest and come spinning out of the lathe

  8. I’ve watched your videos for a long time and have learned a lot. This one is my favorite. Great job.

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